November 30, 2009

Tang Ina Mo Baboy! - For React

React is an exhibit my good friend Mano Lotho invited me to work on. Stay tuned for more news. I am always very flattered when somebody invites me to exhibits as I am used to just putting out my stuff randomly anywhere I please and galleries / exhibits to me are untamed circus lions for me to conquer (which essentially excites me).

Here's a paste up near the Makati police station done by Chichi as a reaction to the police brutality on students and members of the anak bayan group when they started a "flash - rally" in front of Malacanang on August 2009.

For more pictures of the beatings / police brutality click here
Beautiful Losers is a movie about the art revolution of the 90s and how it came to be the movement that people can relate to the most. For all the creative folk out there, this documentary is a must see as it is filled with different philosophies and styles and opinions of creative people that pushed art to a much wider spectrum. Nothing contemporary in here, it's all break - through. That's how it was , and that's how it is. THis movie never fails to inspire the nuts out of me.

Beautiful losers is directed by Adam Rose and features artists such as PARKA , BARRY MCGEE , MARGARET KILGALLEN , ED TEMPLETON , KAWS and MUCH MORE.
If you hate advertising and you think ads are a bombardment to your senses, then think again. Art & Copy is a film on the people behind the advertisement revolution and the reasons why it is now a saturated concept to advertise. What we see before us are the finished products of billboards and commercials in media. What we should really be listening to are the people behind these things that makes us wonder... Is this how we should actually live? "For every problem, the answer is creativity" and this is why you should see this film:

In psychology, there are many stimuli that create a responses when somebody has been conditioned to them... In life there are things that influence our decisions things that you are not even aware of because of the number of stimuli around you. Watch and understand why it is just sheer genius to even make you stop and look for even just a second, and learn why this certain second, will influence your whole life.

November 29, 2009

Dubplate One - The Mother Fucking Gas Lamp

If you weren't there you missed A LOT!!
It was nice to see everybody from all the different scenes and some that went away from it all under one roof. Dubplate's first year anniversary was a god damn success. Right venue, the right people, done just right. Oh yeah , the Motherfucking Gaslamp Killer killed it... he was electric as he proved why a good DJ looks at the crowd and not at his laptop. He connects with the audience and feeds them the songs rather than just trying to please them... he CONTROLS them. From the outside "hippie" shell i saw on the stage what I experienced was a shaman.

I also realized that Philippine culture is straight up laced with celebrity photo ops. For one thing, how are you going to enjoy this awesome night if you just took a video your whole life (this is of course for those who's job is to be there and not take videos). But all in all the whole night was ELECTRIC. ... 'Till next time!

(I knew I would be jumping around so I did not bring my camera)
Thank you Adoborat for the awesome fishy eyes and photos for me!

Markus Neidel

Markus Neidel was born - 22. February 1985 in Hanover/Germany and now resides in Hamburg he is now studying illustration at HAW Hamburg. I must say, that in every great artist's eye, is a revolution in his brain. Markus Neidel applies this in his illustrations and is able to apply it visually in a somewhat surreal but literal way.

Nuno Favorite Piece

This is Nuno...bow down.
3 years strong and he's only getting better.

November 27, 2009

I love everything about this song and video combination.
If life had cheat codes, this most probably is how it would look like if we were all in GOD mode.
"Treat Me Like Your Mother" for The Dead Weather directed by Jonathan Glazer.

November 26, 2009

Lazy Eye - The Photography of Regina Belmonte

viva Regina! - by chichi

All photos taken by Regina Belmonte.

Composed. An adjective that will sum up the number of emotions that I can not relay into pulse - driven type written words as I stare with my jaw dropped, my eyelids, slightly stretched bigger. The stimulus for this reaction is of course the photographs you see above taken by
Regina Belmonte.
Don't think that as I used the adjective Composed that I just used it as per it's convenience. Rather, let me explain to you why I used the word or at least the idea of the word and at the same time, i may be relieved of my lack of articulation.

To be composed means serenely self-possessed and free from agitation especially in times of stress. The same can be said about the photos above. Each one is a powerfully controlled and peaceful capture of the stressful world that surrounds her. Stress releases powerful neurochemicals and hormones that prepare us for action (to fight or flee). If we don't take action, the stress response can lead to health problems. But Regina does neither. She neither fights or flees for moments that will catch her eye. She settles and captures the stimulant of stress and she is able to express it through her photography and makes it look like the most serene thing. This captured serenity seems to not only be external but also internal as well, as Ms Regina is one of the most pleasant people I've met. Now you see a balance between and relevance between the work and the artist.

It seems mathematical in such a way, an equation to capture these images that I will never understand. But what I do understand is the beauty and grace in them.
One has been a secret fan of her work since my current girlfriend showed her tumblr (VivatRegina) to me.

I'm listening to Silversun Pickups' Lazy Eye as I am writing this and I swear to God, This song best soundtracks Regina's photos.
Now I have three adjectives based on this song that I wish to add to "composed":
raw, nostalgic and epic.
Now that's three and that's the magic number.

E Jeeps in Makati Streets

For the latest Philippine news stories and videos, visit GMANews.TV

Posted by my friend Macky, we were both wondering, who made the jeepney art?
via Makattak

November 25, 2009

Lego and Muji Collaborates

The legendary block by block / brick by brick brand , Lego has recently collaborated on a set with minimalist product makers Muji. This set plays on a person's imagination and creativity rather than forcing the person to play with the obviously capital driven and commercialized Batman or Indiana Jones play sets.

Muji has provided different color papers and a hole puncher to combine with the legendary Lego blocks. Now, people are left to actually play with their toys with a almost limitless capabilities. Ever since I could remember, I had been playing with Lego. And anytime that is used in an innovative way , I am dealt with a nostalgic but happy feeling.
This move brings Lego back to it's original form of suggesting creativity rather than imposing brands upon you. I'm glad to see Lego back on it's peg leg. To see more pics click here .

via nerdski

November 22, 2009

Black Book Design Female Scotch Valves

The 5 piece pack includes:
Red (Fat)
Pink (Smooth Fat)
Green(Flare Shade)
Blue (Skinny)
Yellow (Slowline Skinny)

Black Book Design is slowly providing the culture what it needs. And we are starting with this happy meal. No hassles and No frills.

If you are interested contact 0917 - 823 - 74 - 48.

November 20, 2009

As I Switch My Foot Work

As I Switch My Foot Work | A BlackBook Design and Del Prado Brothers Mixtape
Click Here To Download For FREE

As the month of November ends, I feel as though life is moving faster. Things are improving. And although the pace is changing I feel as though it's better like this than ever.The goal is to change, change and evolve.
I suggest you listen through the whole of it as with the concept of a mixtape.

Here's the tracklist:
1. In A Little Spanish Town- Lester Young
2. Ad Lib Blues- Lester Young with The Oscar Peterson Trio
3. Blue Rondo a la Turk- Dave Brubeck
4. Salt Peanuts- Dizzy Gillespie
5. Captain Marvel- Stan Getz
6. Crazy Chords- Stan Getz
7. Blue In Green- Miles Davis
8. Israel- Miles Davis
9. To Impress The Empress- Scott Matelic
10. Under The Hood- Specifics
11. Notice- Smith
12. Creeper- DJ Deckstream Feat. Junji Chiba
13. Sun Fran to Tokyo- King Most
14. samura's optic- CYNE
15. Adhara- Fat Jon
16. DROME produced by Himuki- Himuki
17. Spartacus- Ino Hidefumi
18. Midnight At The Oasis- Ino Hidefumi
19. Marie Aël- Hadrien Feraud
20. Shall We Love ?- Hadrien Feraud
21. Lila's Dance- Mahavishnu Orchestra

With this thought I collaborated with my friends the Del Prado Brothers (it just sounds awesome), specifically Julio Del Prado on this mixtape (NUMBER 4). This is a tribute to all those who strive to those who work hard. This mixtape is heavy with JAZZ. . . all kinds of jazz. As with the theme, it is an ode to the legend of the music and it's progression is a metaphor for change, growth or improvement
(which ever way you want to put it).
It's about time you switch your foot work.

Thank you again to the little big Del Prado.

November 18, 2009





provided by

Black Book Design

November 17, 2009

Postlerferguson - Weapons Of Mass Creation

It's a busy week ahead of me.. These videos ought to keep me inspired. Hope you all be inspired too. Enjoy!

Thank you to the people of for sending me this video!

I haven't seen many dreamers around lately. I think dreamers have been washed away by the currents of time and the repetition of routines. A dreamer has been over - shadowed by the problems of the world. It's slowly being flushed down by every generation, growing old - and slowly relying on survival rather than imagination. What is survival? Survival is a noun. Survival is the habit of being. Go ahead and argue with me, a dream is not reality. I say make it reality. Make it what it should be. I say dream with bright colors and dream with a themed setting like a movie. Dream in black and white and see things clearly. But when awake, dream of dreams that can be reality. I talk about survival, and i talk about dreaming. But what about the survival of dreaming? They say to dream is dead. No one talks about it so they assume that it is forgotten. Well it it's been forgotten. No one teaches it so they think that it isn't real.

Everyday, I meet new people and everyday I talk to people I already know. Still they make me dream. Dreamers have been blotted out. I want to change all that. I hope you do too. . Change it by dreaming. Dreaming everyday. Dreaming with our hands and dreaming with our minds. There are changes in our world everyday...scientific findings and daily occurrences that ultimately lead to the most exciting time in the existence of our planet. This is absolutely the most exciting time to be alive. So whatever you do, don't be bored. Ever. Dream.

- c


POSE & EWOK in KOREA - A Supervision Film. from Ironlak

The Seventh Letter | Hense

November 15, 2009

Gaslamp Killer Bulldozes With Dubplate's 1st Year Anniversary

The Mother Fucking Gaslamp Killer is coming to town in a few days.
If you don't know who he is, Gas Lamp Killer is a part of the Low End Theory
and has worked together with Shepard Farey in numerous events and promotions. Andoften plays with Flying Lotus.
He is a MONSTER when he plays I tell you...
And I quote my homie Mestizo: "You're all in for a ride man, that guy will never play anything commercial, nor will he play anything that he does not like."

He is a shaman on the tables and he exudes the energy and not just controls it.
Come on down people!

**Celebrate, Drink, Eat, Skate, & Skank with us on Saturday Nov. 28, 2009 from 5pm – 4am!!!**

SKATE JAM SESSION Hosted By REPUBL1C: 5-9pm With Live DJ’s

Republ1c Skate Team: Ansey Flores , Geno Berman , Marvin Bolisay

MAIN EVENT: 9pm Onwards


P200 – Before 9PM
P300 – After 9PM

@ 9590 Feron Building/Warehouse
(Kamagong St. Corner Bagtigan) Makati

Special Thanks To:

• San Miguel Philippines
• Republ1c
• Ralph’s Wine & Spirits
• 1881

Media Support By:

• MTV Philippines
• Rogue Magazine
• Status Magazine


I can not wait for this event.
Gaslamp will destroy us all!!
"Every relationship is fundamentally a power struggle, and the individual in power is whoever likes the other person less."
- Chuck Klosterman ( Sex Drugs And CoCo Puffs: A Cultural Manifesto)

November 14, 2009


Convexed Logo Coca - Cola Can

Ryan Harc or Harc Lee is an industrial designer and product designer from New York.
He envokes human emotion and also strong cultural context in his product designs. As I look at his works and what they are for I see a complete humanitarian philosophy in him rather than a the run o' the mill "efficiency" that really hinders the imagination. He I think, is a well - mixed verse.

This concept of a coke can with a con vexed logo is an amazing piece, it evokes emotion and at the same time , a modern worldly view. The fact that it is naked, can ultimatley reduce water and air pollution that is part of the coloring process. Instead of coloring the cans, manufacturers create branders as they bust out these cans.

Personally, it gives a more expensive and classic look to an otherwise, usually over - looked and over popularized package.

November 13, 2009

THE clothing x Nuno. THE Takeover

Nuno the destroyer

The - Etymology: Middle English, from Old English the, masculine demonstrative pronoun & *definite article*. It is used as a function word to indicate that a following noun is a unique or a particular member of its class. - webster dictionary.

T H E clothing the three letter Phillipine brand that is on it's way for the takeover of the retail market. They have been busting out shirts that have been selling like pancakes also in part because of the artists they have collaborated with (yours truly included). They have taken advantage of an innovative creative concept and made it their own. You have to see this hard work children. See this , take it and eat it.

Now speaking of taking over, you get a hungry beast like THE clothing and mix it with an aggressive , and prolific warrior and what you have is a bulldozer. Finally the time has come, THE clothing has collaborated with Nuno. Who is Nuno? Well if you don't know by now, look around your city. If you didn't know, NOW you kNOw.

"Nuno in particular has been very creative in getting into challenging areas just to manifest his aesthetic presence." - Yuson

"Now giving tribute to the most prolific writer in the metro, we are releasing the Nuno shirt." - THE CLOTHING

Click on the link above to reserve your shirt.
Nuff said..

The XX

This is my new favorite band. Simple, smooth, soothing.

November 12, 2009

Kid Dragon

Kid Dragon is the future of piecing in the Philippines. His letter styles are on point, and progressive. If somebody's A.D.D.actually benefit them, then the KID has something beautiful coming out of that energy. This is why I admire his work, because he can express the energy within him and make that shit pop out into a wall. Albeit young he has learned to have a solid letter form and evolves style - wise into a rate that is above par. The factor that separates him from the rest of the pack is the concepts and execution of his pieces are of high grade quality. As one of the younger members of KST , he has shown that age does not matter. And that there may be another species in local graffiti that is evolving.

Now in the local scene there are lovers and haters, Kid Dragon has both equally divided.
Opinions may be thrown left and right about this talent but all must learn that you shouldn't hate what you can't imitate.

Check out more of Kid Dragon's works at