November 14, 2009


Convexed Logo Coca - Cola Can

Ryan Harc or Harc Lee is an industrial designer and product designer from New York.
He envokes human emotion and also strong cultural context in his product designs. As I look at his works and what they are for I see a complete humanitarian philosophy in him rather than a the run o' the mill "efficiency" that really hinders the imagination. He I think, is a well - mixed verse.

This concept of a coke can with a con vexed logo is an amazing piece, it evokes emotion and at the same time , a modern worldly view. The fact that it is naked, can ultimatley reduce water and air pollution that is part of the coloring process. Instead of coloring the cans, manufacturers create branders as they bust out these cans.

Personally, it gives a more expensive and classic look to an otherwise, usually over - looked and over popularized package.

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