December 29, 2010

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December 20, 2010

Greater Good Launch x CHI

There are different means to express yourself.
There are different justifications to your expressions.
There are different expressions to justify your means to make your envisioned end possible.
And then there are different means to justify the end especially if it's for the greater good.
For the greater good, change is needed. Change is you... Change is me.
Change is me, when I start painting..
What is change when it's in you?
Recently, Chi of BLACKBOOK worked with Greater Good for their launch.
Created and managed by Chris and Michael Concepcion; It a the testament on how the youth now, is not only reaching far with their capabilities but applying them and creating something that actually has a greater impact rather than just for vanity.
Greater Good, collaborates with different artists to create shirt designs based on socially aware themes and donate them to different charities.


OCB Premium Papers are available now in store. There's also a brand called my fucking rolling paper.s See it in store to believe it.


The crew had gone around to see the new TRON movie all together. The only way we would suggest you watch it is in DIGITAL 3d in IMAX. Totaly immersed in it, we left the cinema smiling and inspired. If I was a bit younger this movie would most probably have changed my life. Although, I think it still did quite a bit. See Daft Punk's video for the movie as they scored it after the jump.

December 12, 2010


Here's an example of somebody who lived his life like a Samurai. Tokyo based photographer, Yasumasa Yonehara has been a free lance photographer his whole proffesional life. Living life with - out fear and breaking conservative norms in his home of Japan. He has managed to become part of Japan's commercial and popular culture. As one of Japan's most sexually expressive photographers; he showcases Japan's female cliques and subcultures. Using Japanese young, hip and beautiful women as muses for his photographs; he engages the viewer by using the subject and plays with the 'male gaze'.


Indonesian artist Arkiv has been painting, illustrating and designing cartoon like figures since 2005. Shortly after finishing his Bachelor degree in Architecture he plunged into the art world citing his love for drawing figures as his inspiration for this change of career path.
I recently met the technically astound and visually appealing artist in his solo show going on this December at Vinyl on Vinyl called; Out Of Nothing. It's happening at The Collective.
If Kaws was for me the premiere pop artist right now.. Arkiv would be the abstracted version of his works.

December 3, 2010



A Little More Ordinary

There's a new Converse store in Eastwood Mall.
And about two years ago , started the craze on the boat shoe. And we've seen it grow so huge that sneakers companies have translated the deckard style into their vulcanized rubber soles. Vans had done it and I've seen so many consumers bite it. To each his own I say.
Though not my cup of coffee, I just thought it was interesting to see Converse's translation and take it a notch 'classier' by mixing it with the iconic Jack Parcell smile. That is all.
Now where'd I put them black leather chucks...?


As I parked in a Makati mall the other day, I was rushing towards the mall hoping to catch the money changer still open.
In my stride , i see my shadow behind me.
And as I looked down to my feet I see another shadow more interesting.
Less passive.
More purpose driven and straight to the point.
I stepped on it's heels.
And in the midst all chaos in this hectic season;
It reminded me to keep walking.

December 1, 2010


Guitar licks and bass rhythms. Making my ear drums vibrate and nostalgia slowly creeps in. Deep in concentration to further understand the metaphors in life or more importantly, what the problems in front of us are, and hopefully one day breakthrough and put them behind us. And sometimes, it's just nice to hear friends seeing the same stuff as you do. Going through the same level of problems but translated into different situations.

"The man in the mirror I face taking knowledge in my personal space"

It's as simple as reflection.

Sometimes, as Misyonaryo said it it's just better to just Mellow And Blaze.

Literally and Metaphorically.