February 28, 2010


Here we go, I talked about an upcoming exhibit at Manila Contemporary curated by Kiko Escora, If you have the time please pass by because I reckon it's going to be a whopper of fun show. The variety of young artists I'm exhibiting with will tickle different kinds of people.

F*ck Art, Let’s Dance will stubbornly insist that it has no central theme. But we all know a non-theme is a theme in itself. Its attempt to dichotomize an artist’s life into art=work and dance=fun is, in fact, an allusion to a rebellion against the drudgery of careers, crappy salaries and 9-5 jobs. This exhibit is Kiko Escora’s answer to post-monotony revelry, as the artists temporarily “surrender” their art in its respective space to make way for the much-deserved night of mayhem. “F*ck art (for now), and let’s dance the night away.” -- that’s what it really says.

This exhibit marks the foray of these twelve young artists into the formal gallery system. It is also the first time for a gallery to host an exhibit for Manila’s underground fashion and music scene.

The exhibition will kick off with a party with bands Pedicab and Beeyes, and DJs Gigee, Chi and The Diegos – an opening night unlike any other among Manila’s established galleries.

Participating artists, all handpicked by Kiko Escora, include Cameron Clark, Nixon Marquez, Chi Kotur, Marvin Tojos, Sharon Atillo, Raena Abella, Leah Castaneda, Otto Terapen, Shahani Gania, Jujiin Samonte, CHI CHI and Chris Yniguez.

F*ck Art, Let’s Dance opens on Saturday, 12 March 2010 at 6pm in Manila Contemporary. The exhibition will run until 19 March 2010. Manila Contemporary is located at Whitespace, 2314 Pasong Tamo Extension, Brgy. Magallanes, Makati City. For inquiries about the exhibition, please contact Sidd at 844 7328 or email to s.perez@manilacontemporary.com

Manila Contemporary

Whitespace 2314 Chino Roces Avenue

Pasong Tamo Extension, Makati City

Performances by BEE EYES, Taken by Cars and Pedicab

DJ sets by Gigee, Chie Castaneda and The Diegos

Friday, 12 March 2010, 6pm to 1am at
Manila Contemporary
Whitespace, 2314 Chino Roces Ave.
Pasong Tamo Extension, Brgy. Magallanes, Makati City

The exhibition runs until 19 March

February 26, 2010

Cheers, Georgie.

Creativity Tip # 1 : Think silly thoughts. The more fearless you are with your imagination the more free you are to create new things...see new things.

Creativity Tip # 2 : Think as if. Think as if you are a rockstar, a success story... the bill gates of your own silicon valley. Think therefore you are therefore what you think is who you are and who you are will be what you eat. What you eat will be what you shit and what you shit is what you release and flush down the toilet. What you flush down the toilet is the mark, that stain you leave in this world.

Creativity Tip # 3 : Hang out with children. Children have the greatest most honest minds in the world. You think you're silly? Talk to a kid. And Apply his/her thoughts into reality...you'd be an instant genius. Picasso had images from kid's drawings... Eyes on foreheads, noses on chins. The famous anime DORAEMON used japanese children's stories written by the children for every episode.

Creativity Tip # 4 : Just Do It.

"Life passes most people by while they're making grand plans for it. " - George Jung

p.s.: I sincerely would like to thank Mark Salvatus a.k.a. Boy Agimat for the tips.. I just added my own rendition to his awesome seminar.

I Think It Left Some Glitter On My Eye

I've always wanted to live in Japan, it might be the bright lights, the famous streets of lore where so much indpendent culture sprung out of. It might be the lure of the zen mentality or the samurai way of living. It might even be my love for Japanese food. I've always wanted to live in Japan. In the future I foresee this as the country I'd want to end up being lost in. Lost in translation would be a pretty harassing but somewhat interesting experience as well I reckon. In this sprawling city, there is a mystique that i want to experience in between it's streets. Oh yeah this video is some what awesome.. I lost myself there..

Takashi Murakami with Kirsten Dunst dancing through Akihabara. Fun Times.

February 22, 2010

CHICHI / Manila Contemporary

I'm off to create something for an exhibit curated by Kiko Escora. It's A group show in Manila Contemporary at Pasong Tamo. I get excited and energized attending meetings like these. I always feel like I'm not even born yet. I'm still trying. I'm still growing. Still pushing. I don't ever want to be in a place where i'm ever satisfied. I think to be totally satisfied with where you are is death. Keep your eyes peeled here for more information about the exhibit!

February 21, 2010

World Domination

I passed by Greenbelt the other day to check on one of my old works. This was my first commissioned painting. It was for Grey One Social. I heard they were going to bring change it so I figured it would be nice to reflect on where I came from. Everything in this world has an expiry date anyway. I called it World Domination because i had a vision of one day just enveloping myself around the concept of what the "world" would be and just dominating it with whatever i would be doing in the present and to the future. As per Grey One Social, I also wanted to give the store something that would represent its vision as a local establishment churning itself in to a more global entity..So there you have it.. Industry mixed with organic capability and hard dorty work is equal to world domination. I think.

The White Stripes music video directed by Sofia Coppola, starring Kate Moss, cinematography by Lance Acord. Black and white...and just right.

February 18, 2010

Clae - Zissou

Deriving it's design from the adventure driven deck shoes, promoting exploration in a free style; Clae is releasing for it's S/S 2010 collection the Clae Zissous seemingly inspired by it's predecessor the Clae Cousteau I like the little fact that Clae looks like it names it's shoes from pop culture icons like Jack Cousteau who was a french naval officer and explorer. While the Zissou seems like it is inspired by the character Steve Zissou played by Bill Murray in the movie , Life Aquatic With Steve Zisssou.

I like the little black one on top especially. While the blue one..i'm sure some people more adventures than me would like to try them on.

February 16, 2010



February 13, 2010

Valentine's Day Massacre; The Low Frequency Funk By SoulFlower

Valentine's Day Massacre |The Low Frequency Funk
A Soulflower Mixtape
BB Designed

February 12, 2010


For some reason, timed lighting gets to me. This video made Envis Precisely for WEAVE magazine is one of them. I suggest you watch this in full screen.

"It is an audiovisual composition that is based on a single set of MIDI notes. Those notes influence both music and graphics at the same time. We did not take the usual route of creating a piece of music first and then find some visualization for it; instead both elements have been developed at the same time. When we decided to change something with the graphics, the changes immediately influenced the music as well."

Everyday Utensils

There is something beautiful about noticing things that are usually over - looked. There is added beauty to that virtue if you can take these over - looked things and shine light upon them. Photographer Theodoros Tempos from Greece has done just that but he's put these simple everyday things and put them on a pedestal that is simple yet very effective as well.

Simple things in life make our more complex tasks in life that much easier. So let's shine a light on that.

L'amour Se Meurt

The thrill of a chase can influence many.The dogma of religion, the promised life after death; that is a chase. The goal of some to be filthy rich. Yes, that is an understatement. Oh let's play with that idea, the goal to be filthy rich combined with the dogma of religion i think that equals to the cults or independent religious sectors. I think that is a great example of the thrill of the chase influencing many. The search for a criminal, The seeking for the truth, self improvement and the Secret.

Yes the chase for something, the charge to a destination it is epic. But not everyone will make it to the end. If what was being chased was whiskey, we would all be the ice cubes that it is poured down upon...we will melt till we mix with what is poured until all of us have melted away. Which ice cube will be left until all that delicious whiskey is gone? I guess it doesn't matter to some, but then again, it matters to most because if not, why would people always run after something they may or may not get at the end? This is the thrill of it and this is life. You will get hurt.

Yann Perreau is a band from Montreal Quebec , Canada. This video for their song L'amour se meurt is well executed even with a simple concept.

February 10, 2010

It's Hard To Live In The City

I believe there is now a certain sense of attachment that people have with social networking sites. And more so, the internet. I myself have not watched T.V. intentionally for about a year and a half now. This is for two reasons; 1). There is more crap forced into my brain from television now a days than septic tank can hold. 2). There is that brilliantly conceptualized and wordly site called YOU TUBE. You see, You Tube gives me a choice on what I put inside my brain. Songs that I want to listen to and have not downloaded yet can be found there and to me that is freedom of choice at it's finest and most modern outlet. Twitter , well.. we all know that that is a phenomenon on it's own (or so says TIME magazine). And Facebook...yes, Facebook...everybody's portal to all their friend's lives or psuedo - friend's lives. Face book is like socially smoking weed. You have people with you sharing the same thing but then, you can either choose to talk with them or not. Everybody is self - secured knowing that there is no shame in snooping as long as it's all under this blanket of smoke called Facebook.

But there are days where - in you just have to look away. Spend some time with some - one, do something productive. Sometimes people tend to spend too much time in front of screens , burning their eyes out that they forget that there are more things outside that box. All you have to do is, get your ass up, pick a location and go there.

For starters, try going to Intramuros in Manila. It's like a myriad maze of old spanish architecture mixed with the modernization of Manila...but what's special about this place , is that it maintains it's historical aesthetic and it reeks of history and visual stimulation. Every piece of architecture is a relic of planning with time in their hands. This is all aesthetically sound but then add that to the fact that ithe buildings have been well weathered and are decaying. Growing up in a city filled with just flat walls and bright lights I saw the difference between creating something with having time in your hands or time running through it as I compared what was in Intramuros to what was outside it.