February 26, 2010

Cheers, Georgie.

Creativity Tip # 1 : Think silly thoughts. The more fearless you are with your imagination the more free you are to create new things...see new things.

Creativity Tip # 2 : Think as if. Think as if you are a rockstar, a success story... the bill gates of your own silicon valley. Think therefore you are therefore what you think is who you are and who you are will be what you eat. What you eat will be what you shit and what you shit is what you release and flush down the toilet. What you flush down the toilet is the mark, that stain you leave in this world.

Creativity Tip # 3 : Hang out with children. Children have the greatest most honest minds in the world. You think you're silly? Talk to a kid. And Apply his/her thoughts into reality...you'd be an instant genius. Picasso had images from kid's drawings... Eyes on foreheads, noses on chins. The famous anime DORAEMON used japanese children's stories written by the children for every episode.

Creativity Tip # 4 : Just Do It.

"Life passes most people by while they're making grand plans for it. " - George Jung

p.s.: I sincerely would like to thank Mark Salvatus a.k.a. Boy Agimat for the tips.. I just added my own rendition to his awesome seminar.


  1. i like this post a lot. rainbow snaps for you

  2. yo! credit mo naman si sir mark jackass!