June 29, 2011

Marvin's Room

Drake ~ Marvins Room (Official Video) from OctobersVeryOwn on Vimeo.

June 24, 2011

Eye bleeds and Standing Os ;Cirque Du Soleil : VAREKAI

When I was a kid, I was always curious of what life could be like in a circus.
What would happen if I myself lived as a gypsy performing world - wide?
Sans the fantasy, i am quite happy where i am at right now thank you very much.
Now let's get on to the show:

Back in high school, I used to buy random VCDs ( mahal pa anng dvd noon) of anything trippy i would find. This was post - watching fear and loathing in las vegas , Labyrinth and what have yous. So one day , I found this video disk of a show named Varekai by Cirque De Soleil (this was around 10 years ago ) . I got home , not knowing what it was .... filled me up a bowl and ripped the bong like a mother - as i pressed play on the magic unbeknown to unravel before me.

"Click , Insert , Play , Rip , Inhale , Bubble , Exhale.... Watch... Jesus Christ... I just watched the greatest show on earth.. Google.... "

Cut a long story short....

This disk was kept well in my collection until one day it disappeared . But even right after that first encounter with the greatest show i have ever seen, i put it on my bucket list that one day, I shall watch the Cirque live.

And then finally!!!
The show must go on! Tents were standing right up against the mad weather.

Inside , was a more calm enchanting atmosphere. I took a quick snap of the stage
before the lights went off.

Varekai is loosely based on Icarus of Greek Mythology infused with a shit load of fern gully like creatures.
In the future , i hope everybody will be able to experience one serious Circus.
One especially of this caliber. At least now , I can rest... check one off my bucket list.

June 8, 2011

The Last Supper

Shot by Raena Abella , this is our family and friends' version of 'The Last Supper' :)

Inside the photo are the people in our neighborhood - ness that create and inspire.

Steve , Kiko , Gian , Clang , Pow , Malaya , Sarah , Marita , Angelo , Arvin , Che , Spoonman , Mimi.

Happy Birthtday esTeban !

June 6, 2011

BANDANA 4 : Give Em The Boot! Roots Radicals And Moonstompers

From Rancid to OF , From Death From Above to Keayshawn , From This To That , From Tit For Tat. Our Line - up for BANDANA 4 is a testament to what we are supporting the mix of the old school and new school movers and rompers. Join us Faggots! We got Moonshine flowing flowing flowing.

P.S. Available will be a BLCKBK secret DROP

June 5, 2011

Time To Grow Up

Let me write about cliche lines and the burdens of the growth or growing up. The sub - cultures the movements and all the psycho - active drugs i may or may not have taken for real, carefully edited transcribed into subliminal pieces of personal expression called blog posts.

Yes i talk about vices for i care not about public image for this is identity we are speaking of and the expression of it freely. Isn't this why there are all these "local" brands now? Everybody wants to share who they are. A few of you have been following us and it is time to give thanks. Buy the ticket and take the ride.
About a year ago I started this blog with the intention of writing about my interests ; Art , Fashion , Graffiti , The Sex , the drugs and the rockers and rollers. Psh. I apologize to my beloved blog which started it all for i have been too distracted by all the other things i have had to do and for a minute there forgot that this site was to concretize my thoughts and not for anyone else... and if anyone wants to do a read through; well welcome.

Yes there has been a hundred changes thru the years. And it is time to responsibly share them.

A book has two faces, the front and back, several pages with different content in between. But it all starts with the blacks and the whites. The essence of a book is saturated by the way it should look, the book becomes slowly saturated by hard bounds , gold linings and overtly glossy pages. Read it's black and white some might bore and some might inspire. Experience is relative. You either like it or you don't. All you got to do is look. A matter of A.D.D.? Maybe. But it's putting your hand on the bible, and crossing your fingers. It's what you do with what you see.

Point is you make mistakes , shoo the bats away, they will come and swarm you ten fold and in your darkest , sweatiest hour bombard. Learn how to swat these infernal creatures away, you move the fuck on after bitching. No one in this "positive" "forward - thinking" "young" generation is getting older. It's time to act our age; and it's the age of now.

"That was the difference between Muhammad Ali and the rest of us, he came , he saw and if he didn't entirely conquer - he came as close to it as anybody we will ever see in the lifetime of this doomed generation."

"The person that does not scatter the morning dew, will not comb grey hairs" - Hunter S. Thompson