October 11, 2010

The Simpsons x Banksy

One of our favorite and most secretive artists is the man by the name of Banksy. We posted his Sun newspaper official interview a month or so ago. Now, the world is slowly becoming conscious of his daring and provocative work -- even Matt Groening and his crew of the legendary Simpsons cartoon.

Hit the jump for a Simpsons opening credit sequence directed and storyboarded by the graff artist himself. Be warned, it is dark, sadistic and nothing like the yellow characters have ever seen before. Not even the Halloween episodes have anything on this.

October 8, 2010

PROUD RACE in NY Fashion Week

Our friends from Proud Race have been doing pretty well for themselves. Internationally.

They were recently featured in NBC for being part in New York Fashion Week .

Check them out EXCLUSIVELY in our store!

October 7, 2010


"My dreams are who I'm racing with. You can see I'm pacing it so that I'm always chasing it." -Drake

INFLUENCERS TRAILER from R+I creative on Vimeo.

October 5, 2010

Editors Note 2 : Straigh Out Of The 4th Door

Good Day. It's 5:39 in the morning.
Work has gotten the most out of me recently.
With that thought in mind, It's a very good decision to have chosen work that involves what I love doing.

Point is, I represent a group of individuals, creatives and dreamers who represent a belief and a lifestyle that not a lot may have experienced.
You know all the local brands you love? (BLACKBOOK, THE CLOTHING ,COMMUNE )
You know the graff writers you love and hate?
(Nuno, Graver, Ekis, Darko, Okto, Dirty , Dragon, Bulk, Ordi, Egg, Drone, Peek, Chichi )
We are this way because we chose to live this way.
Not for any taboo or critical future. But I / we love and live for creation.
We live through this hunger.
It has paid off. For now.
Thank God.
I am a son from the 4th door.
It is a place where artists, musicians and a close group of friends met and hung out. Before everybody started to grow up and blow up rapidly. It's where we all met to and eventually become a place that has helped some of us become the people you see today. Now the 4th door might need our help. Please support the future events that you are about to see here as you had supported all of us.
Good day.

October 4, 2010


Thank you to all who supported and bought our stuff at First Dibs. Now we at Blackbook are experimenting on new product.

And as for our products we're selling our samples. From Cut and sewns to Snap Back Caps.

We know some of you have been looking for them!

Inquire for the prices in store.

Kanye Feat. Pusha T on SNL

Kanye is back!

A Look Into The Future : Maibashi Wood Frames

A little while back, we dropped some SAGAWAFUJI wood frames in store. And in a week both frames we're gone. I guess that just means there is a select few out there with forward taste. Now a look into the future says, that we want to see something different. We're stocking wooden frames again but with a lower price point. Maibashi wood frames. the same aesthetic and alternative intelligent style , for a more affordable price..