September 30, 2009

Give it a rest man.

Copy paste. Copy paste. Copy paste.

Dear Politicians,

I am aware of the help some of you have given. Take note of the word, SOME. We volunteers need your help. You need to donate more so we can do some more.

The picture above is the most blatant act of propaganda I have ever seen. This is not the time for controlling the minds of the needy and desperate. We should stand up and realize that we should not allow ourselves to be locked in a rat maze. We are not under - achievers. We are going to stand - up. Let's not talk about religion or politics. This is not the time to focus on who's left and who's right. This is the time for humanity and human kind standing up for something pure and something right. The people that are your responsibility are now fired - up. We are now getting excited about the real things. The things that matter; humanity, creativity and freedom.

There are definitely things that you are doing that you should not. And there are things that you should be doing. Re-asses your strategies to helping and not promoting. You should realize by now that the human spirit does not submit. I suggest you back us up.

- cc

September 29, 2009

Day 3. KSTREET PINAS Does It's Rounds.

The packers
The Megatent in Meralco Ave.

"Able bodied men" Look up. Catch. Carry. Drop. Good Times.

Thank you Idris Vicuna and James Go for the photos.

3rd day of relief effort..

In Megatent, which actually felt like Saguijo, by the number of musicians and artists around ; there has been a large space and they deploy very quickly. The workers get stuck at times doing nothing. The problem is, they lack donations. The donations coming in when we got there only consumed a fourth of the space. So please redirect your donations to Megatent. A big thank you to that anonymous person who donated a BAD ASS TRUCK LOAD of Bigas / Rice sacks! Bring what you can bring : WATER and more WATER.

CLOTHES TOILETRIES. PLASTIC BAGS , TAPE FOR RE - PACKING. This place needs to be packed as it is very accesible.

Ateneo - - there is a large number of volunteers. Actually the volunteers outnumber the goods.
There are also times when we were just sitting around. It's good that there are a lot more volunteers now. But I hope somebody uses their BIG NAME contacts and tell them to donate in a major way. Not just in Ateneo but in other places as well.

I think the civilian volunteers are exhausting their funds quickly as days go by and that's why there's an abundance of workers. The worker greatly outnumber the workload. So come on you rich people. Let's not be modest..give what you know you can.

So the message is simple , coordinate and get informed as to where you can be THE MOST EFFECTIVE. PEACE.

Gabriela says they will focus on Tatalon, Silangan , Batasan and veterans. All help is welcome. These areas have recieved zero to minimal aid. If you want to help gabriela , CONTACT : 09167649571.

Trash Trash Trash.

That's a TREE and that's how high the water was in Marikina. And all of those ornaments are trash.
More trash x Filter

If there was one thing Bayani Fernando's "fences" did right aside from creating traffic and obstacles for motorists to avoid, It was this. To filter out all the shit / trash from the flood that ran through millions of homes and devastated areas. As you can see, there's an abundant amount of plastic waste and also foliage that was caught up in the once called government fences.. and now, accidental "filters". In my opinion, if these little fuck shits of waste of tax weren't there, it would have taken longer for water to drain.

After seeing the many sights and smells of marikina's atermath, there was one thing very evident; this wasn't just mother nature having a very bad case of dysmenorrhea. This shit was also our fault or our mistake. It was Nature , and our carelessness , ignorance , and lazyness all rolled into one snowball. And now, we see the effects.

I hope the government learns how to dispose trash properly. And I also think we should all take part.

We need to be aware. We need to do something about it. Oh yeah, Stop cutting trees man!

PROVIDENT VILLAGE (Marikina)/ Aftermath Sept. 28 09

The car tells a story. The house behind it.. abandoned Most homes there had nobody in them
Mud was still thick and the village looked like a ghost town.
What the? That's how high the water was..
I took a shot of this car on the way to marcos highway. It was around the also damaged toyota show room.

Shot a few hours ago in Marikina city. First photos were that of Provident Village. While doing rounds in the village everything looked the same. Muddy , desolate, destroyed. It was dissapointing to see that what was oretty much a village before now looked like a wasteland , tash was stacked as high as doors.

And as I headed to the exit I asked a police man where the evacuees where brought to. He said majority of them were in the nearby churches lining up for food and clothing.

And the others? I asked. He said , they're still inside their homes , they want to protect their homes from looters. It was evident and true. As I was circling the village, I saw 2 houses with candles on the second floor.

September 27, 2009


Clothing Donations.
People passing boxes around.

Sardinassss salamat!
A flood of food supplies for the people in evacuation centers. People giving an extra hand unpacking donations This is what unity looks like. In Ateneo a well - organized , cohesive unit has been put together by the students who, amongst the chaos under the covered courts, have been able to arrange themselves in an orderly manner. Take note, These are ALL students when I went there. Each and everyone either donating or arranging. The atmosphere was infectious and heart - warming. There were people bringing in trucks and personal vehicles just to be able to load everything and bring them to the evacuation centers. Instead of just sitting down, these youth have stood up and reached out. This is for our country.


By Revo Naval, creator of

Art Director and Graphic Artist , Conceptual Genius , and designer of the brooding 500 peso bill with Cory and Benigno Aquino, Rev Naval is at it again . Manipulating the iconic mmda posters that are scattered around the city. The pink and blue hues and typography used by the development authority has been used to a greater cause. One which Bayani Fernando should have used before hand. This one's for unity. And this one's for you. As Rev always says... LET'S GO ! And i highly suggest we do.

To all the bombers let's spread this around the city!!! Print it out and spread it!!!


No Man Is An Island But We Should All Build Bridges.

The Philippine people need your help.. go to link for information on how you can give rations and donate to the Philppine Red Cross. PLEASE CLICK THE LINK / TITLE FOR INFORMATION ON HOW TO HELP. To keep you kiddies safe please read through the information below:

After a Flood: The First Steps

Your home has been flooded. Although floodwaters may be down in some areas, many dangers still exist. Here are some things to remember in the days ahead.

  • Roads may still be closed because they have been damaged or are covered by water. Barricades have been placed for your protection. If you come upon a barricade or a flooded road, go another way.

  • Keep listening to the radio for news about what to do, where to go, or places to avoid.

  • Emergency workers will be assisting people in flooded areas. You can help them by staying off the roads and out of the way.

  • If you must walk or drive in areas that have been flooded

    • Stay on firm ground. Moving water only 6 inches deep can sweep you off your feet. Standing water may be electrically charged from underground or downed power lines.

    • Flooding may have caused familiar places to change. Floodwaters often erode roads and walkways. Flood debris may hide animals and broken bottles, and it's also slippery. Avoid walking or driving through it.

  • Play it safe. Additional flooding or flash floods can occur. Listen for local warnings andinformation. If your car stalls in rapidly rising waters, get out immediately and climb to higher ground.

Staying Healthy

A flood can cause emotional and physical stress. You need to look after yourself and your family as you focus on cleanup and repair.

  • Rest often and eat well.

  • Keep a manageable schedule. Make a list and do jobs one at a time.

  • Discuss your concerns with others and seek help. Contact Red Cross for information on emotional support available in your area.

Getting Help

  • The Red Cross can provide you with a cleanup kit: mop, broom, bucket, and cleaning supplies.

  • Contact your insurance agent to discuss claims.

  • Listen to your radio for information on assistance that may be provided by the state or federal government or other organizations.

  • If you hire cleanup or repair contractors, be sure they are qualified to do the job. Be wary of people who drive through neighborhoods offering help in cleaning up or repairing your home

September 26, 2009


Xavier School
Taft Avenue (afternoon)
Wilson Ave. this was where I rescued my grlfriend from. So glad she's safe.
Marikina River Overflowed
From Exelsior in Fort Santiago
Stranded on roofs please send help
Makati Peninsula's fountain pours out

These photos were all taken during the afternoon and around twilight. I wonder how everything is now. Photos from facebook.


This is around the mercury drug in katipunan it's nearer grand villas side than ateneo.. The construction site of the new SM residences!!


This is how a signal number 2 storm unleashes in Katipunan Street Qc. Ateneo, prepare to open your gates to people.

That CRV is not going to move anymore.

September 25, 2009


OCTOPUSSY is a three man show between Okto , Egg Fiasco and EXLD. It will be in white box in cubao X soon. Watch out for it! If you don't know who they are, Okto and Egg fiasco are two of the best from KST and original members of Pilipinas street Plan. They have developed very distinct styles. And their styles are 2 of the most recognizable in the scene so far. While EXLD is a member of Pilipinas Street Plan.

Egg Fiasco. KST member. PSP member. A mad clean painter. He is also a very experienced and fast learner when it comes to styles. He has grown from just making the fiasco character to making extremely clean letter pieces. Take note i put emphasis on extremely clean. you can check out his works if you don't believe me.(click his name)

Okto. KST member. PSP member. Lobro sun of a gun . Creative genius. is the creator of the mexican themed characters. The day of the dead or dia de los muertos festival has a big influence in his designs. His imagination runs freely when creating pieces and they seem to just pop out of his head. because he rarely brings a sketch. He mixes pop culture and subliminal content in his designs which i truly admire. Okto is also one - third of the newly established THE clothing line which collaborates with different artists here in the philippines.

If you want to know the real deal about the three then check out their sites.


Here in Manila, information is hard to come by. Unfortunately, Politics and malls champion this impoverished capitalist city. In cases like these, Manila is like a walking contradiction if you ask me. Once upon a time , tax was raised just to bring in literary books from abroad. This was called : The Great Book Blockade Of 2009. Even though Twilight was too .. well .. lame and boring for my taste; for those who just wanted to seep out of their boxed imaginations and better themselves through experiencing different forms of art. It would not be so easy for them here.

In Manila there is a vast selection of men's magazines that inspire you to appreciate the woman's form but inspire you only enough to spank your monkey. There is also a new stream of gay and lesbo mags on sale and also women's err "sexy man" magazines. To what these magazines instigate, I leave it to them and the readers.

You can go from the most famous bookstore to the newest ones and one can find themselves dismayed by the selection of books from art to biography. In this context, there is honestly nothing really fresh and inspiring.

There is a lack of TASTE. A lack of aggressive cultural awareness from these establishments that the youth now have. Here , there is a bland selection of art books and magazines. Sure there is the rare Juxtapoz and Complex magazine and Nylon in random magazine stores, but come on. We have an influx now of hungry curious youth wanting to know what else is out there while being inspired by their own heritage.

Usually if you do find a gem, it is insanely overpriced.Distributors usually buy the cookie - cutter BEATLES biography or the PABLO PICASSO compilation. These are all well and good, yes, and have their own market but I just feel like a baby chewing on greens. I just suck the juice out and don't swallow. I want to see candy. I want to taste something AWESOME.

I went to
Trilogybotique the other day and was glad to see new books and art compilations from my favorite people. Namely : Shepard Fairey , Upper Playgroud , Tilt , Works by Mike Giant and Kevin Lyons and a lot more. To see these people's works, or at least their books, in this country was something refreshing to me. I don't need to go to Hong-Kong or order online anymore to be inspired. The books I've been looking for are finally here.

And then there is also SPUTNIK! comics. A place where local comic con fans and people who haven't been to Cubao X (where it is located) gravitate to if they are looking for comics. A place where graphic novels and rare graphic related reads can be found out of it's ooze. Literally.

All I'm saying is. I thank them for being different. I thank them for their pallet-es.


A painting for Ino Caluza creator: VIKTOR JEANS

Mashed with our sense of values we have subconscious memories or images. They affect how we see things. A personal connection with certain images and memories are gained through time and experience.

This draws a sense of familiarity and personal relevance individually.
In a society with lost values and extreme prejudice, symbolizing a time when creativity and power was abused: the mushroom cloud is an icon.

It is still socially relevant.
A single event can have infinitely many interpretations, It's your responsibility to constitute what it means.

It can show what society had become or what it could become again given that abuse of power: Creativity is power. Do what you must to achieve its maximum grasp As the world is bigger than you can imagine.
- cc


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This is Blackbook Design's blog.

A Blackbook by definition, is

a) a revision of a technical paper named according to common practice after the color of its cover page.

b) The list of people to be arrested by the Gestapo following a planned Nazi invasion of Britain in the Second World War.

c)A book or collection of papers used by graffiti artists to practice writing.

d)A book or collection where artists keep their secret sketches.

Blackbook design gives you everything under the sun.

Blackbook design is by the artist ChiChi of KST a graffiti crew in the Philippines.

Blackbook design aims to show you what street art and graffiti is here in the Philippines.

It will also show you random encounters of art, design, beauty , food, relativity and how THIS third world country sticks out like a hot sore thumb in south east Asia.

Do you want to watch it all fall apart?
Every time I walk, watch, I look, I notice, I observe.
I read the signs. - PASE ROCK

This is Blackbook Design. And this is what you do not know about the Philippines


- chichi