September 25, 2009


OCTOPUSSY is a three man show between Okto , Egg Fiasco and EXLD. It will be in white box in cubao X soon. Watch out for it! If you don't know who they are, Okto and Egg fiasco are two of the best from KST and original members of Pilipinas street Plan. They have developed very distinct styles. And their styles are 2 of the most recognizable in the scene so far. While EXLD is a member of Pilipinas Street Plan.

Egg Fiasco. KST member. PSP member. A mad clean painter. He is also a very experienced and fast learner when it comes to styles. He has grown from just making the fiasco character to making extremely clean letter pieces. Take note i put emphasis on extremely clean. you can check out his works if you don't believe me.(click his name)

Okto. KST member. PSP member. Lobro sun of a gun . Creative genius. is the creator of the mexican themed characters. The day of the dead or dia de los muertos festival has a big influence in his designs. His imagination runs freely when creating pieces and they seem to just pop out of his head. because he rarely brings a sketch. He mixes pop culture and subliminal content in his designs which i truly admire. Okto is also one - third of the newly established THE clothing line which collaborates with different artists here in the philippines.

If you want to know the real deal about the three then check out their sites.

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