January 29, 2011

Street Etiquette

This is DJ Euric.
He gets well dressed.
He is well dressed.
You should be too.
He owns Crazy Eddie's
Our neighbor in our Neighborhood.
The stores in the Collective are renovated and open again.
check out our new looks from Tuesday to Saturday
1 pm to 9pm.

January 6, 2011


The henley, crisp and classic, reliable and flexible. In this photo, you'll see Alex Yamaguchi's rendition of the classic henley. Though not actually rendered, it shows you the impact of BASIC is in clothing.

Alexander Yamaguci was born in Kagurazaka, Tokyo. At age 10, he started customizing vintage denims with his mother's sewing machine. When he visited the U.S. years later to surf, he was captivated by Los Angeles and decided to relocate. Alexander launched Alex B, the forerunner of Alexander Yamaguchi, in 2001. Since 2005, he has been introducing his collections in New York and Paris. Receiving favorable recognitions for silkscreen prints by hand and cut-and-sewns with established unique cutting, his lines are carried at select shops and high-end department stores in the U.S. and Europe. Appreciating vintage clothes, Alexander designs clothes from his unique perspective, focusing on silhouettes and wear comfort. Through travel, Alexander is also inspired by cultures, arts and architecture and is integrating these various elements into his designs.

See his works on ALOHA RAG