September 30, 2009

Give it a rest man.

Copy paste. Copy paste. Copy paste.

Dear Politicians,

I am aware of the help some of you have given. Take note of the word, SOME. We volunteers need your help. You need to donate more so we can do some more.

The picture above is the most blatant act of propaganda I have ever seen. This is not the time for controlling the minds of the needy and desperate. We should stand up and realize that we should not allow ourselves to be locked in a rat maze. We are not under - achievers. We are going to stand - up. Let's not talk about religion or politics. This is not the time to focus on who's left and who's right. This is the time for humanity and human kind standing up for something pure and something right. The people that are your responsibility are now fired - up. We are now getting excited about the real things. The things that matter; humanity, creativity and freedom.

There are definitely things that you are doing that you should not. And there are things that you should be doing. Re-asses your strategies to helping and not promoting. You should realize by now that the human spirit does not submit. I suggest you back us up.

- cc

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