September 29, 2009

Day 3. KSTREET PINAS Does It's Rounds.

The packers
The Megatent in Meralco Ave.

"Able bodied men" Look up. Catch. Carry. Drop. Good Times.

Thank you Idris Vicuna and James Go for the photos.

3rd day of relief effort..

In Megatent, which actually felt like Saguijo, by the number of musicians and artists around ; there has been a large space and they deploy very quickly. The workers get stuck at times doing nothing. The problem is, they lack donations. The donations coming in when we got there only consumed a fourth of the space. So please redirect your donations to Megatent. A big thank you to that anonymous person who donated a BAD ASS TRUCK LOAD of Bigas / Rice sacks! Bring what you can bring : WATER and more WATER.

CLOTHES TOILETRIES. PLASTIC BAGS , TAPE FOR RE - PACKING. This place needs to be packed as it is very accesible.

Ateneo - - there is a large number of volunteers. Actually the volunteers outnumber the goods.
There are also times when we were just sitting around. It's good that there are a lot more volunteers now. But I hope somebody uses their BIG NAME contacts and tell them to donate in a major way. Not just in Ateneo but in other places as well.

I think the civilian volunteers are exhausting their funds quickly as days go by and that's why there's an abundance of workers. The worker greatly outnumber the workload. So come on you rich people. Let's not be modest..give what you know you can.

So the message is simple , coordinate and get informed as to where you can be THE MOST EFFECTIVE. PEACE.

Gabriela says they will focus on Tatalon, Silangan , Batasan and veterans. All help is welcome. These areas have recieved zero to minimal aid. If you want to help gabriela , CONTACT : 09167649571.

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