September 29, 2009

Trash Trash Trash.

That's a TREE and that's how high the water was in Marikina. And all of those ornaments are trash.
More trash x Filter

If there was one thing Bayani Fernando's "fences" did right aside from creating traffic and obstacles for motorists to avoid, It was this. To filter out all the shit / trash from the flood that ran through millions of homes and devastated areas. As you can see, there's an abundant amount of plastic waste and also foliage that was caught up in the once called government fences.. and now, accidental "filters". In my opinion, if these little fuck shits of waste of tax weren't there, it would have taken longer for water to drain.

After seeing the many sights and smells of marikina's atermath, there was one thing very evident; this wasn't just mother nature having a very bad case of dysmenorrhea. This shit was also our fault or our mistake. It was Nature , and our carelessness , ignorance , and lazyness all rolled into one snowball. And now, we see the effects.

I hope the government learns how to dispose trash properly. And I also think we should all take part.

We need to be aware. We need to do something about it. Oh yeah, Stop cutting trees man!

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  1. That's why I said Philippines is one of the worst places for a massive flood - because all our canals and drains are just too fucking BLOCKED with trash. The water either doesn't have anywhere to go or takes one hell of a long time to get to wherever.

    I've been guilty of not bothering to throw stuff in the garbage bins. Sorry for that. But what I've noticed is that when I'm in Hong Kong, where you get fined $5000 if you're caught littering or spitting or leaving your dog's poop on the ground, I don't litter because I've SEEN people get fined. I know it's not just signs that are supposed to scare us into disposing of our trash properly.

    We need to implement that kind of law, and furthermore, we need to make sure that the people that are supposed to catch people littering aren't going to fuck up themselves. The government HAS to do something about it. Train people better. Be vigilant. How do we expect people to follow rules when the people who implemented the rules are the ones constantly breaking them?