September 29, 2009

PROVIDENT VILLAGE (Marikina)/ Aftermath Sept. 28 09

The car tells a story. The house behind it.. abandoned Most homes there had nobody in them
Mud was still thick and the village looked like a ghost town.
What the? That's how high the water was..
I took a shot of this car on the way to marcos highway. It was around the also damaged toyota show room.

Shot a few hours ago in Marikina city. First photos were that of Provident Village. While doing rounds in the village everything looked the same. Muddy , desolate, destroyed. It was dissapointing to see that what was oretty much a village before now looked like a wasteland , tash was stacked as high as doors.

And as I headed to the exit I asked a police man where the evacuees where brought to. He said majority of them were in the nearby churches lining up for food and clothing.

And the others? I asked. He said , they're still inside their homes , they want to protect their homes from looters. It was evident and true. As I was circling the village, I saw 2 houses with candles on the second floor.

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