September 25, 2009


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This is Blackbook Design's blog.

A Blackbook by definition, is

a) a revision of a technical paper named according to common practice after the color of its cover page.

b) The list of people to be arrested by the Gestapo following a planned Nazi invasion of Britain in the Second World War.

c)A book or collection of papers used by graffiti artists to practice writing.

d)A book or collection where artists keep their secret sketches.

Blackbook design gives you everything under the sun.

Blackbook design is by the artist ChiChi of KST a graffiti crew in the Philippines.

Blackbook design aims to show you what street art and graffiti is here in the Philippines.

It will also show you random encounters of art, design, beauty , food, relativity and how THIS third world country sticks out like a hot sore thumb in south east Asia.

Do you want to watch it all fall apart?
Every time I walk, watch, I look, I notice, I observe.
I read the signs. - PASE ROCK

This is Blackbook Design. And this is what you do not know about the Philippines


- chichi

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