June 24, 2011

Eye bleeds and Standing Os ;Cirque Du Soleil : VAREKAI

When I was a kid, I was always curious of what life could be like in a circus.
What would happen if I myself lived as a gypsy performing world - wide?
Sans the fantasy, i am quite happy where i am at right now thank you very much.
Now let's get on to the show:

Back in high school, I used to buy random VCDs ( mahal pa anng dvd noon) of anything trippy i would find. This was post - watching fear and loathing in las vegas , Labyrinth and what have yous. So one day , I found this video disk of a show named Varekai by Cirque De Soleil (this was around 10 years ago ) . I got home , not knowing what it was .... filled me up a bowl and ripped the bong like a mother - as i pressed play on the magic unbeknown to unravel before me.

"Click , Insert , Play , Rip , Inhale , Bubble , Exhale.... Watch... Jesus Christ... I just watched the greatest show on earth.. Google.... "

Cut a long story short....

This disk was kept well in my collection until one day it disappeared . But even right after that first encounter with the greatest show i have ever seen, i put it on my bucket list that one day, I shall watch the Cirque live.

And then finally!!!
The show must go on! Tents were standing right up against the mad weather.

Inside , was a more calm enchanting atmosphere. I took a quick snap of the stage
before the lights went off.

Varekai is loosely based on Icarus of Greek Mythology infused with a shit load of fern gully like creatures.
In the future , i hope everybody will be able to experience one serious Circus.
One especially of this caliber. At least now , I can rest... check one off my bucket list.

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