February 12, 2010

L'amour Se Meurt

The thrill of a chase can influence many.The dogma of religion, the promised life after death; that is a chase. The goal of some to be filthy rich. Yes, that is an understatement. Oh let's play with that idea, the goal to be filthy rich combined with the dogma of religion i think that equals to the cults or independent religious sectors. I think that is a great example of the thrill of the chase influencing many. The search for a criminal, The seeking for the truth, self improvement and the Secret.

Yes the chase for something, the charge to a destination it is epic. But not everyone will make it to the end. If what was being chased was whiskey, we would all be the ice cubes that it is poured down upon...we will melt till we mix with what is poured until all of us have melted away. Which ice cube will be left until all that delicious whiskey is gone? I guess it doesn't matter to some, but then again, it matters to most because if not, why would people always run after something they may or may not get at the end? This is the thrill of it and this is life. You will get hurt.

Yann Perreau is a band from Montreal Quebec , Canada. This video for their song L'amour se meurt is well executed even with a simple concept.

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