February 10, 2010

It's Hard To Live In The City

I believe there is now a certain sense of attachment that people have with social networking sites. And more so, the internet. I myself have not watched T.V. intentionally for about a year and a half now. This is for two reasons; 1). There is more crap forced into my brain from television now a days than septic tank can hold. 2). There is that brilliantly conceptualized and wordly site called YOU TUBE. You see, You Tube gives me a choice on what I put inside my brain. Songs that I want to listen to and have not downloaded yet can be found there and to me that is freedom of choice at it's finest and most modern outlet. Twitter , well.. we all know that that is a phenomenon on it's own (or so says TIME magazine). And Facebook...yes, Facebook...everybody's portal to all their friend's lives or psuedo - friend's lives. Face book is like socially smoking weed. You have people with you sharing the same thing but then, you can either choose to talk with them or not. Everybody is self - secured knowing that there is no shame in snooping as long as it's all under this blanket of smoke called Facebook.

But there are days where - in you just have to look away. Spend some time with some - one, do something productive. Sometimes people tend to spend too much time in front of screens , burning their eyes out that they forget that there are more things outside that box. All you have to do is, get your ass up, pick a location and go there.

For starters, try going to Intramuros in Manila. It's like a myriad maze of old spanish architecture mixed with the modernization of Manila...but what's special about this place , is that it maintains it's historical aesthetic and it reeks of history and visual stimulation. Every piece of architecture is a relic of planning with time in their hands. This is all aesthetically sound but then add that to the fact that ithe buildings have been well weathered and are decaying. Growing up in a city filled with just flat walls and bright lights I saw the difference between creating something with having time in your hands or time running through it as I compared what was in Intramuros to what was outside it.

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