December 20, 2010

Greater Good Launch x CHI

There are different means to express yourself.
There are different justifications to your expressions.
There are different expressions to justify your means to make your envisioned end possible.
And then there are different means to justify the end especially if it's for the greater good.
For the greater good, change is needed. Change is you... Change is me.
Change is me, when I start painting..
What is change when it's in you?
Recently, Chi of BLACKBOOK worked with Greater Good for their launch.
Created and managed by Chris and Michael Concepcion; It a the testament on how the youth now, is not only reaching far with their capabilities but applying them and creating something that actually has a greater impact rather than just for vanity.
Greater Good, collaborates with different artists to create shirt designs based on socially aware themes and donate them to different charities.

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