November 13, 2009

THE clothing x Nuno. THE Takeover

Nuno the destroyer

The - Etymology: Middle English, from Old English the, masculine demonstrative pronoun & *definite article*. It is used as a function word to indicate that a following noun is a unique or a particular member of its class. - webster dictionary.

T H E clothing the three letter Phillipine brand that is on it's way for the takeover of the retail market. They have been busting out shirts that have been selling like pancakes also in part because of the artists they have collaborated with (yours truly included). They have taken advantage of an innovative creative concept and made it their own. You have to see this hard work children. See this , take it and eat it.

Now speaking of taking over, you get a hungry beast like THE clothing and mix it with an aggressive , and prolific warrior and what you have is a bulldozer. Finally the time has come, THE clothing has collaborated with Nuno. Who is Nuno? Well if you don't know by now, look around your city. If you didn't know, NOW you kNOw.

"Nuno in particular has been very creative in getting into challenging areas just to manifest his aesthetic presence." - Yuson

"Now giving tribute to the most prolific writer in the metro, we are releasing the Nuno shirt." - THE CLOTHING

Click on the link above to reserve your shirt.
Nuff said..


  1. aaahhhhhh!!!! THIS IS SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    clap! clap! clap! =))


  2. the roller was done by darko, spade and me. thanks for the post chi!