November 17, 2009

Postlerferguson - Weapons Of Mass Creation

It's a busy week ahead of me.. These videos ought to keep me inspired. Hope you all be inspired too. Enjoy!

Thank you to the people of for sending me this video!

I haven't seen many dreamers around lately. I think dreamers have been washed away by the currents of time and the repetition of routines. A dreamer has been over - shadowed by the problems of the world. It's slowly being flushed down by every generation, growing old - and slowly relying on survival rather than imagination. What is survival? Survival is a noun. Survival is the habit of being. Go ahead and argue with me, a dream is not reality. I say make it reality. Make it what it should be. I say dream with bright colors and dream with a themed setting like a movie. Dream in black and white and see things clearly. But when awake, dream of dreams that can be reality. I talk about survival, and i talk about dreaming. But what about the survival of dreaming? They say to dream is dead. No one talks about it so they assume that it is forgotten. Well it it's been forgotten. No one teaches it so they think that it isn't real.

Everyday, I meet new people and everyday I talk to people I already know. Still they make me dream. Dreamers have been blotted out. I want to change all that. I hope you do too. . Change it by dreaming. Dreaming everyday. Dreaming with our hands and dreaming with our minds. There are changes in our world everyday...scientific findings and daily occurrences that ultimately lead to the most exciting time in the existence of our planet. This is absolutely the most exciting time to be alive. So whatever you do, don't be bored. Ever. Dream.

- c

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