November 30, 2009

If you hate advertising and you think ads are a bombardment to your senses, then think again. Art & Copy is a film on the people behind the advertisement revolution and the reasons why it is now a saturated concept to advertise. What we see before us are the finished products of billboards and commercials in media. What we should really be listening to are the people behind these things that makes us wonder... Is this how we should actually live? "For every problem, the answer is creativity" and this is why you should see this film:

In psychology, there are many stimuli that create a responses when somebody has been conditioned to them... In life there are things that influence our decisions things that you are not even aware of because of the number of stimuli around you. Watch and understand why it is just sheer genius to even make you stop and look for even just a second, and learn why this certain second, will influence your whole life.

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