November 25, 2009

Lego and Muji Collaborates

The legendary block by block / brick by brick brand , Lego has recently collaborated on a set with minimalist product makers Muji. This set plays on a person's imagination and creativity rather than forcing the person to play with the obviously capital driven and commercialized Batman or Indiana Jones play sets.

Muji has provided different color papers and a hole puncher to combine with the legendary Lego blocks. Now, people are left to actually play with their toys with a almost limitless capabilities. Ever since I could remember, I had been playing with Lego. And anytime that is used in an innovative way , I am dealt with a nostalgic but happy feeling.
This move brings Lego back to it's original form of suggesting creativity rather than imposing brands upon you. I'm glad to see Lego back on it's peg leg. To see more pics click here .

via nerdski

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