November 12, 2009

Kid Dragon

Kid Dragon is the future of piecing in the Philippines. His letter styles are on point, and progressive. If somebody's A.D.D.actually benefit them, then the KID has something beautiful coming out of that energy. This is why I admire his work, because he can express the energy within him and make that shit pop out into a wall. Albeit young he has learned to have a solid letter form and evolves style - wise into a rate that is above par. The factor that separates him from the rest of the pack is the concepts and execution of his pieces are of high grade quality. As one of the younger members of KST , he has shown that age does not matter. And that there may be another species in local graffiti that is evolving.

Now in the local scene there are lovers and haters, Kid Dragon has both equally divided.
Opinions may be thrown left and right about this talent but all must learn that you shouldn't hate what you can't imitate.

Check out more of Kid Dragon's works at

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