November 20, 2009

As I Switch My Foot Work

As I Switch My Foot Work | A BlackBook Design and Del Prado Brothers Mixtape
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As the month of November ends, I feel as though life is moving faster. Things are improving. And although the pace is changing I feel as though it's better like this than ever.The goal is to change, change and evolve.
I suggest you listen through the whole of it as with the concept of a mixtape.

Here's the tracklist:
1. In A Little Spanish Town- Lester Young
2. Ad Lib Blues- Lester Young with The Oscar Peterson Trio
3. Blue Rondo a la Turk- Dave Brubeck
4. Salt Peanuts- Dizzy Gillespie
5. Captain Marvel- Stan Getz
6. Crazy Chords- Stan Getz
7. Blue In Green- Miles Davis
8. Israel- Miles Davis
9. To Impress The Empress- Scott Matelic
10. Under The Hood- Specifics
11. Notice- Smith
12. Creeper- DJ Deckstream Feat. Junji Chiba
13. Sun Fran to Tokyo- King Most
14. samura's optic- CYNE
15. Adhara- Fat Jon
16. DROME produced by Himuki- Himuki
17. Spartacus- Ino Hidefumi
18. Midnight At The Oasis- Ino Hidefumi
19. Marie Aël- Hadrien Feraud
20. Shall We Love ?- Hadrien Feraud
21. Lila's Dance- Mahavishnu Orchestra

With this thought I collaborated with my friends the Del Prado Brothers (it just sounds awesome), specifically Julio Del Prado on this mixtape (NUMBER 4). This is a tribute to all those who strive to those who work hard. This mixtape is heavy with JAZZ. . . all kinds of jazz. As with the theme, it is an ode to the legend of the music and it's progression is a metaphor for change, growth or improvement
(which ever way you want to put it).
It's about time you switch your foot work.

Thank you again to the little big Del Prado.

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