October 2, 2009

These Days.

These days are hard. These days are challenging. These days have been called bad. And these days have even been called apocalyptic. But I believe these days are not for the weak. These days are for the brave. These days are for forward thinkers. These days are for those who demand themselves to kill each and everything that they do. It's not enough to just do it right. You have to fuck it good. It's not enough to fuck it good. Check that remark , Cross it off and eat this. You have to kill it. It's the survival of the fittest yes it is mami and papi. So live with it, or fall - off. It s the purest form of the Darwinian perspective. But these days are the best of times.

It's the time when people become individuals in this vast spider - web spectacle of inter - connected events. Security. What is security? A secured man may be financially settled but he spent his life's goal dedicated to see his future plop down like a Yacht on a puddle. Grandiose but shallow. He sits and waits watching for the tomorrow that never comes. He will never realize until he finally sits back and looks at himself he realizes the prison he has built chasing the all mighty dollar.

If you look at the pages of history and see the people who have shaped the destiny of the world.
They never had security. But they lived rather than just existing. You see a pattern in which it takes commitment to a belief combined with determination results to individual and mass influence. A propaganda? Yes. But a positive one depending on one's beliefs. Where would we be if everybody just wanted security? If everybody just wanted life to a little more different and a little richer? We would see a propaganda that is lead by the bystanders ( by the vast majority) that say life is not worth living, that life has to be lived in just one way. A propaganda that takes away the ambition of the youth and sucks the life out of critical thinking. I call these people hamsters. They go on through life in a treadmill until they become too old and face death as they curse how they existed. They curse because they lacked the real courage to go through life and face the unknown.

A neo human is said to be the next evolution of the human race. In a book by Richard Dawkin
called the God Delusion, he says that the new human thinks in a more abstract manner. A neo human looks at an abstract painting and sees it perceives it as his own, and doesn't just see the picture. It doesn't just see the blot or the hue , it sees and understands the frame in which it is connected to. It does not just see the frame, it sees the wall to where it is attached and it takes in the surroundings.

In these times it's important to be brave. It's important to be loyal and committed, hard - working and lethal. In these times are we ready to evolve in our own pace? In these times we must evolve faster than what nature has had in line for us. These times are the purest form of the Darwinian perspective. These times are the best of times.

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