October 2, 2009

Nicole Gets A Lover

My lovely friend Nicole received a gift from me last week. I was given the chance and I customized her Ladera Dervish (long board) for her. I've been wanting to post a picture of it but couldn't 'cause we never had the time this past week.

Nicole is one of the producers of Red Ninja Productions. I will post a better photo when the time comes.

But here's to Nicole ! I give to you a Lover.


  1. yan ka na naman sa Mickey Mouse hands mo haha

  2. @sab : You can get a lover too you know

    @anonymous: hahah sino ka?? magpakilala ka!

  3. KAWS??where's your identity bitchichi

  4. well, it isn't really extremely KAWS. hahah What can I do? I look up to the guy. more than 80% of the design is far from his works anyway.