October 3, 2009

Tumana Operation

With 3 pick up trucks worth of limited relief

These were all homes before washed away by the flood

As the volunteers got there .. the line quickly became longer.The people were so desperate they fought their way through the lines and pushed each - other
Well off into the night until the goods were all gone. Not everyone was able to receive goods.

Tumana, Marikina - - One of the least helped places and one of the most damaged ones during ONDOY. If there was one word to describe the sights and smells of the recent Tumana , it was INTENSE. As we got there and I went down the vehicle, people already knew what we were there for. "Relief po ba kayo?" a lady asks me. I said yes. And a line formed right in front of me. Dead smack in the middle of he bridge, causing traffic. I asked the leader of the operation what to do and he told me that we needed to organize the people. Tell them that they had to behave to receive relief and they will respectfully oblige.

If you are planning to go and deploy goods in areas.. COORDINATE with the local government so you can bring an escort. You will not be allowed access to these areas with out proper permission, Plus it's quite dangerous.

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