October 2, 2009

One Good Thing About Music, When It Hits You Feel No Pain

You know it's gonna be alright!!
When the ARMY
And the people's army get together.
Brian Kong and Taken By Cars played their part
Listen all of ya'll it's sabotagE!!
Techie Romantics

Blood Shedd

Thank you to mah seester Mandy Marcos for the lovely photos.

Ah yes, I think it was Bradley Nowell of Sublime that sang it best. And from 1pm to 9pm of October 1st 2009 it was the most honest thing , and the most real thing. Bands from all over the Philippines played under Megatent to raise the roof.

At first people were confused as to what they should have been doing. It's a good thing they got to their shocked senses after awhile as to the division of responsibility and time management. I.e. some kids were torn between seeing their favorite bands play and helping out. A little bit of common sense didn't hurt them. And they finally figured it out.

The vibe was great, a bit festive , a bit tired, a bit of "yeah , finally we can just lay back a bit". It was a mix of emotions , a mix of energy given off like Pandora's box was finally slowly closing. But lest I spoke too soon, I know there's more help to be done. We're a long way from getting back there. But the light can be seen.

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