August 29, 2010

Eyes On Those Girls

I want desperately for you to know who Audrey Kawasaki is.

Back when LiveJournal was still "popular," I had one and worked it like many people handle Tumblr blogs today. I hunted down interesting people and followed their blogs. Audrey's became one of them.

Damn, just look at those eyes. Have you ever seen a girl look at you with those eyes? Hazy from the smoke, the colors jaded and they droop to an imperfect height of tired, or maybe sadness. But there's a quick passing glint in there - maybe she's just horny.

And that mouth in those lips. Sharp peaks, agape and warm breath. I'm assuming she smells like salt and sand  in the summer's water. I bet she tastes like it too.

Audrey paints oil and draws graphite on wood panels.

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  1. Looking at this entry and looking at the vibe of the store, I must say that you Ms. Umaly seem to be quite the fit. Keep it up