August 30, 2010

The Beauty and Wonder of Wonder and Beauty

When was the last time you had the breath yanked out of you because of sheer grandeur? When was the last time this happened because of art?

Marian Bantjes is an artist that "doesn't doodle," ever. She does, however, play with her food:

("If I want to explore a new direction professionally, it is helpful to try it out for myself first." on sugar.)

While I know it is nowhere near Valentine's Day, I would die if anyone sent me a Valentine like she does.

you’ve never really been sure of this, but i can assure you that this quirk you are so self-conscious of is intensely endearing. please accept that this piece of you escapes with your smile, and those of us who notice are happy to catch it in passing.

time spent with you is like chasing and catching small birds, but without the scratches and bird shit. that is to say, your thoughts and words flit and dart, disconcertingly illusive at times, but when caught and examined… Ah, such a wonder. such a delighting reward.

there is no passing time with you- only collecting. the collecting of moments with the hope of preservation, and at the same time, release. impossible? i don’t think so.

i know this makes you embarrassed. i’m certain i can see you blushing. but i just have to tell you because sometimes, i hear your self-doubt, and it is so crushing to think that you may not know how truly wonderful you are; how inspiring, and delightful, and really truly the most completely

A talented poet and crushingly genius and slightly egotistical artists, hear and see more from Marian herself on her works of wonder in this TED Talk , "Intricate Beauty By Design":

Marian Bantjes

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