October 11, 2009


Julius Bee Eye Ka! Illustration by chichi

Bee Eyes - Gangstaz Paradize (Live) from beeeyes on Vimeo.

Bee Eyes - Who Does (Live w/ Saab) from beeeyes on Vimeo.

Here's an acoustic version of their song "WHO DOES" with Saab

Conyo (noun)
1. see cunt
2."dude , pare , chong , I just had my yaya elmer's glue my mohawk while riding my horses through my hacienda in ayala alabang dooods. "

1. A loud fast moving form of rock music with crude and aggressive effects, popular in the late 1970s and early 1980s

2. An aggressive and violent young criminal

Bee eyes is first and foremost from the Philippines. Second, they are a band. Third, they have a sound that you aren't sick of or haven't even heard of yet. The first time I watched them play, people were shocked with what they were hearing... . It was exciting and raw; it was an experience.

A lot of bands create songs on purposely aimed at making people dance, but Julius (vocals, guitars) , Idris (drums and vocals) and Diego ( bass) achieve what most bands can't....they're good because they're just being themselves. How do they do it? Individually they are different from the rest... Put together, they are an attack to what you know. They're not in it for the fame and glory.. but i say it'll be theirs if they stick to it. They are an attack to your comfort- zone. In the population of the crowd watching with me that night, majority of the people standing up were girls. Plus, they were dancing. Yes suckas , girls were really moving their bee - hinds for these boys. I suggest pogi bands practice some more or eat more rice if you aren't getting the same effect. And take note, these guys have only played a handful of gigs as the Bee eyes. They're song "Who Does" has been remixed by international DJ Spazzkid and they've been recently featured in Transpose Magazine.

If punk rock was 6 feet underground in this country, they have brought it back. These guys are resurrect - ors 'cause they bring back the dead. These boys play with balls out , and their tongue in cheek. Bee eyes sounds like a hungry zombie , standing on a surf - board , hung - over from a night with the beach boys, a bong - hit racing to the brain followed by an exhale and a choke.

They say on their Bee eyes myspace page that they sound like : "conyo punks".
I think it's a spit at a certain aspect of society.. I think it's a spit at pretension. I think they just coined a term. I think you'll all bite it.


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    - "chicks dude."

  2. the acoustic version of whodoesjudas is ill