July 6, 2010


KAWS Museum Exhibit Opening from Paper Fortress on Vimeo.

Every decade there comes an artist who stands out amongst the crowd. In my opinion, there would be a handfull per decade. But very rarely does the light shine upon one so often and so bright .. There was , Dali , Warhol , Koons , Hirst? - - that it makes you think... this is the one. That artist in that moment, deserves that much light upon them. The reason for this will always remain a mystery and i would never want to know. This preserves the awe factor and the magic that is what is blessing my eyes.

I would always want to become an artist. Prolific, free ,proud , enigmatic, marketable, never hungry, never stopping, always responsible for your work. Is it Warhol that said? I think it's about time artists, don't starve or become hungry. I would like to become that kind of artist.

Well in this train of thought, Here's KAWS in his exhibit opening. In this decade, for me...There is no light brighter shined upon than there is on KAWS. I'm not complaining. - - "There goes my hero, watch as he goes. He's ordinary."

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