June 2, 2010


- - Kafe - -

is made by Karen Ferrer. A strong willed independent woman who is fuelled by her love for fashion , the arts and her daughter. Incidentally, she also won last year's Fashion Institute of the
Philippine's over - all competition and graduation and show. Her RTW line speaks for itself. You be the judge and see it in the store. We got the chilitees wearing one of her pieces the other day!

It's always nice to see artists appreciate different artist's in their different fields.

The plum award Best Collection Award for the Designer of the Year made Karen Ferrer top of her class. She gets an all-expense-paid two-week fashion tour in Paris, France, the den of haute couture. This opportunity will further hone her design aesthetics upon her visits to premier ateliers and global fashion houses.

Director of the FIP and veteran designer-mentor Shanon Pamaong says, “Unlike in any other fashion competition, the Fashion Institute of the Philippines graduation show participants did not just design the garment; they also made their patterns, cut the fabrics and worked closely with sewers; some even assembled the garments meticulously and dealt with all the details and embellishments on point.” - PHILSTAR.COM


  1. superb design karen! so proud of you!!!

  2. goodluck karen! ang galing mo :)

  3. Beth dela Rosa-SurbanJune 3, 2010 at 10:18 AM

    i admire your original designs & creativity...keep up the great work! more power to your artistry ~

  4. GO Karen !!!! =))) Poke~~ - Israel With U !

  5. I LOVE your designs Karen! Well done! Where do you sell your original designs? I want to buy some :).
    Goodluck on your trip to Paris!

  6. Thank you! :)Visit BLACKBOOK, my pieces are there and you can also check out other cool stuff in the shop. It's located in Makati City 7274 Malugay St.


  7. Mom! I love you & Your designs!
    Good Luck! :*. >:D<.

    -Dre. :).