May 31, 2010


To every discovery there is always a story. So once upon a time I was traveling abroad and was looking for something interesting, something different. I always wear spectacles because i need them and I was sick and tired of the ol' Ray - ban or wayferrer pair that I was using. So i stumbled upon these alternatives in a random street in my travel. This was two years ago.

I got a pair for myself as I've learned that these are hand carved and made in Japan and to see these are very rare. One more thing is that I knew for a fact that there was NOTHING like this back then in the Philippines (until now). Unfortunately, I gave my only pair to my friend for a birthday gift. Mind you, these are real wood frames and not those 'wood - finished plastic' ones. So now that I was able to bring them here again not just for myself but for BLACKBOOK i've decided to not keep them a secret anymore.

SAGAWAFUJI eyeframes are now available in store a pair costs only 4,450php. For it's rarity and it's quality that's worth the price.

These frames would definitely suit and comply to those who are looking something different. As with everything in the store. I actually have a pair right now. See you in store!

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  1. How can I buy a pair of sagawafuji from you email: