March 17, 2010



Blackbook Design is a retail store dedicated to the radical technical design philosophies of local talent in the independent culture here in the Philippines. It stands to give service tois connected with high style . It's goal is to cater to those who are fed up with the taboo/ ''safe'' taste or trends that come with the herd mentality of the Philippines. Our goal is o raise the level of respect and appreciation for the independent designers here who are pushing their boundaries internationally but locally are over looked.

We are focused on pushing and inspiring the local creative community here in the Philippines. And we support the push for a higher sense of style and taste for the local market. Everything that can be found in Black Book supports each other because of the lifestyles that it is built upon and it supports. It lives off the essence of Street art, contemporary art and design, cycling and independent culture. The goal of Blackbook Design is to push all sub-cultures and counter cultures in the Philippines into a positive and productive direction by providing an inspirational and innovative retail experience.

With the infusion of military, outdoor and work elements that are compounded in Black Book Design's basic clothing we want to support an individual's higher style and design - centric psyche. The same goes for the pool of designers and artists we are working with and will affiliate with the store.

In a nutshell; BLACK BOOK DESIGN is dedicated to Filipino Intelligent Design aiming to push taste and appreciation for the local community one small step at a time. Start locally and creep out globally.

A BLACK BOOK is a notebook where artists collect and keep their secret sketches. We have created a retail experience for you so we can share these best kept secrets. Our doors will be open soon...Watch out for our launch.

At THE KOLLECTIVE in Malugay, Makati. on MARCH 27.

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