March 15, 2010


Awesome show!! Awesome weekend with out the internet!! High fives to BEE EYES, MR. RETARDO, SHARON ATILLO and LEAH CASTANEDA and a big thank you to Kiko Escora and Sidharta Perez

The weather was scorching as we worked from day to night. Beads of sweat appearing and evaporating on our foreheads as we were setting up , and making these works individually. As the night pressed on, the show was intensified and stayed true to it's thesis. In the beginning, it was the crowd entertaining themselves with the works... and as the night progressed it was all about the love. It wasn't an exhibit. It was a party. The outcome, overwhelming. This was what we were working for. The difference between this exhibit and the others was i guess the fact that everybody was welcome. No elitism. Just pure madness. It was fun.

To all those who fucked art and came. Thank you.