November 1, 2009

Wu Tang Meets The Indie Community

From Volume 2 Of Wu-Tang Clan Meets The Indie Community

I recently stumbled upon this album ( Wu Tang Meets The Indie Community) thanks in part to my man Mestizo (Click on his name to listen to his music.) , who's a serious MC from California and a creative director of Freshjive. He twitted about the 2nd volume of Wu Tang meets the indie community and how it was all dubbed out. I got excited but couldn't found a torrent for it. But I did find Volume 1 - which would be enough until I find Volume 2. If you know where I can download the Volume 2 album please let me know!

For those who don't know, Wu-Tang Meets The Indie Community is an album that was released in 2005. It was a collaborative effort between Wu Tang, it's friends and affiliates and underground emcees. And since I have been in a collaborative mood I deemed this most relative to blog.

Wu - Tang clan is the legendary hip hop group that came out in 1993 with nine emcees. Who envisioned the hip hop crew as the main weapon to impact the hip hop world and making their music, a partial or supplementary element to their succes.

"The vision of the Wu-Tang Clan is undoubtedly due to the musical skills of RZA. Under his direction, the group - through its own efforts and the solo projects, all of which he produced or co-produced - created a hazy, surreal, and menacing soundscape out of hardcore beats, eerie piano riffs, and minimal samples. Over these surrealistic backing tracks, the MCs rapped hard, updating the old-school attack with vicious violence, martial arts imagery, and a welcome warped humor. By 1995, the sound was one of the most instantly recognizable in hip-hop." - Wu Tang - Corp .com

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