November 2, 2009

Time Capsule

Honeycomb is a vintage store in Cubao x with a different feel. A different vibe. A place where you can buy pieces you would never be able to find, and you can buy them in affordable prices. From the moment you step on the second floor space there is a feeling that you just tore yourself out of the modern membrane and into a store that was open during the 60s - 70s in Haight Ashbury. By the collection he possesses and sells, the owner has outstanding taste in fashion, design and music. The music he plays in store, most, I have never heard of before a mix of both of classic underground and modern underground music (ranging from rock to dub to jazz). This in turn influenced my experience in the Honeycomb store. His brand selection and styles range from the 60s era to the 70s, holding brands like Levi's 501 originals to Penguin's classic polo shirts and vintage ray ban frames. To keep the retro aesthetic alive you will find some bell bottoms if you look well enough. It was all a bit of mod, hippie, and punk rock. All in all, Honeycomb is an extension of himself (the owner) and a definite expression of what he believes is beautiful. I find that fact, most intriguing of all. That sentiment was most pure and something you could feel and take a piece of. Honeycomb was more than a store, it was also an exhibit of collected things through time.

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