November 8, 2009

One Man Army

Sharon Cuneta approves them as she featured them in her show. Saying that they are bringing our nation's name and holding it high in the beatboxing world. Sharon is almost the oprah of our country... and also, even in her big light of celebrity, she has yet to see the days of stones to be thrown at her...meaning her mind may be open to more things rather than just mayonnaise and showbiz, making her a more like-able icon. So, if Sharon Cuneta, the mother of the masses gives them a stamp of approval therefore, they must be good.

Pilipinas beatbox is a group of beatboxers comprised of Josef Amarra, Picoy Cruz and Carlo David, they are a group of individuals dedicated to the art of beatboxing. who hail from different walks of life but all commune and come in the this country of the Phillipines. Every time I listen to these people jam I break my neck. And when I say this, I mean you do not understand what I meant until you have actually seen them live. They are another one of the culture pushers in our country . Young as they are, they have found their calling and they supplement our thriving city in an audio - visual experience that is infectious. Hence, the breaking of the neck. Look into their eyes as they play, and you will see the zone they are in. A zone we will never understand. But it is a zone where everyone is welcome to join and tap into.

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