October 15, 2009


Thought Catcher By Jan Bondad
How I Make My Eggs In The Morning by Jan Bondad

The mind is complex, as complex as the individual wants it to be. Although some choose to keep the process in which they think result in ways far less intellectual or productive than what they could have achieved. For example, a student was given 30 minutes to present a subject matter in psychology. Given a week to prepare, the only time she does read about the subject matter is on the day of the presentation itself. The result? A lack of understanding on her part on the subject matter giving her a grade that is safe to say FAIL. And a 2 hour long ride to death by boredom for the classmates and professor she presented to. In another spectrum , it's like deliberately watching Paris Hilton's my new BFF on television for 25 minutes minus the commercials just to see which social climber gets booted off next. Aaah yes the battle of inner conflict for the submission against idiosyncrasy continues.

In the form of expression, the individual either chooses to become minimal or extravagant in it.
In expressing oneself the human being turns into a Rube Goldberg machine. An apparatus which is deliberately over-engineered to perform a very simple task in a very complex fashion.
Once again this concept, applied in expression remains as a decision.

Jan Bondad is an artist born in the Philippines , grew up and educated in Don Bosco until he moved to Europe and went into art school. I was lucky enough to meet this guy and hear his stories. The first time I met him he was talking about how street art should be more conceptual now like throwing lcd lights on to walls and waiting till nightfall to see the effects. I thought it was wierd. But I also thought it was quit genius. He told stories about lolapalooza and how he lost his feet in the mud after taking a slide of acid. He woke out of the trip after two days. Take note that he doesn't do the acid slides often but it was just a story that stuck to my long term memory because of the way he told it. When he was here, he submerged himself in the quiapo culture by going there and just going around the cultural maze of history , capitalism and being cheap. He even participated in the Parade Of The Black Nazarene just so he could see the chaos.
His works, like his lifestyle promotes conceptual understanding.
His way of expression is minimal. But like a Rube Goldberg Machine he can create things very simple but takes mental complexity .
The results may be simple but the process in which it is achieved is a deliberate action. Don't try too hard though your nose might bleed.

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