April 14, 2011

The End Of The Century

The Ramones heavily influenced us during our development stages. And especially in High School. The Ramones were strong willed , and vision driven, even if they didn't have a template for doing what they wanted to do; they just did and learned everything as they went along. And there's nothing more Punk Rock than just going for it.

Johnny Ramone never smiled. Joey Ramone was a freak and a weirdo. Tommy Ramone was the proffesional. Dee Dee Ramone was the junkie. And the other ones were Drunks and the other Other one wasn't a real Ramone. The Ramones were kind of like your family.
And at the same time, they're just like your friends.

This is part 1 of their 2003 Documentary called End Of The Century.

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