March 22, 2011


Long time peer and ally , Whoop has been part of PSP since the days when street art in the Philippines was but a mere fetus feeding itself to form a living , breathing , organic sub - culture.

The first time i got to paint with Whoopie was in - front of Fresh Manila store , back then it was in Tomas Morato. Back then, his works already had a surreal candy style using colors and characters to his own aethetic. But back then, he wasn't as polished as he is known for today.

I've been blessed to watch the evolution of a lot of the cats here in the Philippines and Whoop had always been an inspiration and exciting to see n his element (or in his own world).

Finally, he is blessed by Fresh Manila to release his first toy release, and also... A solo Exhibit.

Click the photo for details bitches. - C

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