February 6, 2011

Meiday Madness

Ah Meiday... The night at Cubao X created by Mei Bastes.
The only night at Cubao X powered by Mei and her friends. Where a bunch of bands come together and produce a mini festival. It's the only night that possesses the power to finish beer stocks, scatter multi - colored puke spots , broken bottles and fill the horse shoe shaped expo center with a salad of human beings from a galaxy of cultures pouring to the streets.

We were all there. Graff heads , punks , panty monsters , junkies , rockers , hip hop heads , hipsters , dirty hipsters. Sorry for not saving you the stereotypical narration. I couldn't help but do it.

So what was an Meiday last night? Well, as I sat and drank my first drink was this uber stylish 'punk' or at least he dressed the part. Mohawk , checkered buzzed hair , plaid with patches and metal balls chain to match. Wow. He sure could have been the omen for the night.

Oh and the black out for a good hour. And when the lights came on. So did the music come back. And visually a teenage wasteland. And it was classic. Classic Meiday.

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