September 1, 2010

Black Book Design: Escora x Chi "Finer Things"

In Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray, we take a journey into the deterioration of one man's body and soul through the blissful sins we all indulge in, sometimes even consider "treats"- alcohol, beauty, wealth, hate, anger, sex, drugs, fame. Mr. Gray was a damned rock star of the 1800's. An artist that was deeply in love with him created a masterpiece portrait of Dorian at the height of his true beauty, physical and spiritual, before he threw himself to be a slave of temptation. Obsessed with his physical beauty, he wondered if he could stay beautiful forever, if there was anything he could trade to never age beyond that moment. As he contemplated this before the finished painting, who knows what truly happens, but after some questionable behavior, Dorian returns to the painting to find it blemished.. but not accidentally.

Long story short, the masterpiece becomes a mirror to his soul, which slowly, day after day, is being mauled by Dorian's pleasure-seeking lifestyle and depicting him as the hideous monster he truly is.

What's the moral of the story?

"In life, there are simple things that we as human beings overlook... Being aware of the thought of being too addicted and indulging too much on the FINER THINGS will make you take a second look at the simple items in life and how a cluster of simplicity and create complexity."

Earlier this year, we dropped this wicked collab on you between Chi and Kiko Escora (Manila Animal). 4 months later, we only got a few of these babies left, so if you want to own this intricate piece of wearable art, drop by the store to find out if your size still exists.

photography: Umalymaly 

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