September 6, 2010

Banksy In His Own Words

Nick Francis from The Sun scores the once-in-a-lifetime chance to meet the elusive graffiti artist we have all learned to love: Banksy.

"I STARTED painting graffiti when I was about 14 or so, and people always ask, yer know, what makes you do it?

"But the question was always really, why would you not do it?"
These are the words of one of the world's most famous artists, and most elusive characters.
Bristol-born Banksy is hugely popular worldwide, his guerilla-style graffiti his calling card.
Yet for 18 years he has succeeded where The Stig failed - and kept his identity totally secret.
Who is he? That's the question on the lips of everyone from trendy youngsters to the snobbish art world elite.
For the first time ever, the street artist has spoken at length about his amazing rise from a spray-can-toting youth, to someone whose work sells for £1million a time to Hollywood's A-listers.
And The Sun is the first to bring you the interview.

read the rest of the interview at The Sun

photography: Umalymaly

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