August 13, 2010

Soul Fillet 2

This is the event that Manila has been waiting for. DEBUT was a successful night and we urge you to spread the glory to everyone around the Manila and music scene for

A revisit and a glimpse of the hip hop sound NOW

We break it down into 4 segments for you live n organic. electro and futuristic:

Djs: Rye . J -Hoon
Cypher with jazzy sticky trio: Fuego. James Sace. B-Serj. Special guests. Live emcess call out
Performance by: People's Future. Marquiss
Beatmakers Lounge: Ch++. Milkriddles. Medemessiah
AUGUST 13 at BSIDE! Supproted by BLACKBOOKdsn

If there was any testament upon the Soul fillet movement, this is one to legitimize it. Soul Fillet 2 promises to brng you the same smiles and beats verses all under one roof!

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