August 2, 2010


Here it is...some eye candy for your lazy eyes.
This new bike by BLACKBOOK MFG ( MANILA FIXED GEAR)was inspired by he CMYK colors.
But owner photogrpher Chuck Ronquillo decided he wanted to make a few adjustments to the iconic color pallete, making the frame pastelle pink rather than the normal one.

To me it just looks so good it makes my salival glands expand when i look at it. And we built it all by our hands too :) Together with Chuck's custom concept!
We give you the Chuckster.

P.S. The paintings you see with itd an other art installations are made by Egg Fiasco, XLD, and CHI CHI. They are all available in store...and are all one off pieces and they do look very well with the bike as well.

photo by Chuck Ronquillo

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