August 25, 2010

Macro - Gravity And The Daily Grind

The effects of macro - gravity may have had an effect on your bone mass. Meaning you may have experienced an increase in body mass and a decrease in bone visibility. Meaning you've been sitting on your ass too long and are getting bigger. OR you've been off your ass doing what you want. Bigger in what sense is relative. Fatter? Healthier? Fitter? Happier?

Whatever it is, don't ever have the misconception of doing something half ass. If you want to get fat get obese, if you want to get fit, be real fit. If you want to be happy, do every damn thing to make you happy. It seems that right now in these modern times there is no such thing as moderate. But there are reminders out there to do things moderately. All these reminders are of course walking contradictions of each other. Beer companies tell you to drink their beer and that their product can give you a "mahaba - habang inuman" a pretty long drinking session. But at the end they tell you to drink moderately.Ciggarette companies tell you that their spliffs are the best blends and are amazing ways of relaxation. making you feel like a cowboy or make you feel like you're in a mint garden with hot women. Turn the pack around and it'll remind you this'll kill you. Irony at it's biggest , most lucrative and finest.

Man this sounds pretty preachy, well i guess that's my reaction to these i guess really is peachy. Do what makes you happy. Pursue these so - called dreams. But don't get your head in too deep on where you're at. Make yourself a better person because of your grind.

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