July 30, 2010


"Since informing the populace of a public concern is often regarded as the first step to changing how the institutions handle it, raising awareness is often the first activity any advocacy group engages in."

When we started the blog, we wanted to raise concern about what was happening in Manila or wherever that needed much attention that was related to art, fashion and anything in between what was found in common media. Anything that would draw inspiration.

And as we started to materialize into a store, we wanted to show people that there can be something different , retail does not have to be robotic or insitutionalized by a mall, that there is still freedom for creativity in spaces unfound.

So in ode to our beliefs and to everyone who has supported us for the past months, we give you the RAISE AWARENESS tee. Join us as we flip the bird to whatever's bugging anybody. Fuck 'em!

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